Hello world!


We are Timothy and Tabitha Gnomad. We travel the globe on a trip of a lifetime with our human caretakers: the “G~Man” and “Wasatch Darling” taking in the sights, sounds & ambiance of this wonderful world. Not to mention sample as much rum as possible ! ! We have lots of stories and yarns to tell, and this is where our tales will be read.

This is a new venture for us as we begin our journey towards living aboard a sailboat hopefully in the year 2020. We are seasoned sailors and have appeared before the court of King Neptune and Her Highness Amphitrite at the equator and 154° West and appointed as “Shell-backs”. We were subsequently married aboard the Sea Launch Commander on May 30th 2014, while sailing back to California.

Aside from just telling our stories, we are hoping to use this blog as a means of passing on our wide knowledge of useless and sometimes useful information. We have just started making our own “Kombucha” and are gathering a list of useful hints to those wishing to start. We may also create a page for our sailing vessel “Merry Time”, a Beneteau 343 which we keep in Long Beach. It is available for both bare boat and skippered charters.

So…..sit back, relax, sign up to receive notifications of new posts and let the adventures continue.