Diet Coke Addiction

One of our human caretakers has a strong opinion about Diet Coke that she would like to share.

When I was an infant my parents nicknamed me Toady. I was a preemie in the 60’s. I was a tiny little thing in dolls clothing with a massive abdomen and skinny arms and legs. What they didn’t know was that I was lactose intolerant. Not a thing back then I guess. That made me a bloated, gassy, mess.

At sixteen I started working fast food and my addiction to Diet Coke began. I lived a fast paced high stress life that has continued to “grow the gut”. Well. Having a Buddha belly is not what I am looking for in my live aboard body. I want to wear bikinis and not be self -conscious!

Frankly the Diet Coke has been a saboteur of my physical health for some time.  Diet Coke has devastated the good bacteria in my gut. Inflammation is real and yet…..every day I have more. I managed to quit for the pregnancies of my children. I swore not to pick it up again. Then a stressful event or period occurs. The cycle continues.

Truth be told this is what I find so irresistible about Diet Coke. First. Bubbles!!!! There is something so refreshing about the carbonation hitting your tongue. It is like reliving a childhood moment with Pop Rocks. It truly is a sensual experience. Secondly, it is flavored but not necessarily sweet. Sweet tea is too much. Plus…no bubbles. Third, Caffeine! Yes, I have diet coke in bed while others have coffee. I typically have had 44-64 oz. by noon most days. Then there is the afternoon drop. So pour on more Diet Coke. Lastly, it has zero calories. I do not drink fruit juice or nearly any other beverage because of unwanted calories. Lastly, if it is not a physical addition it most certainly is a psychological one. If I am having a bad day or a stressful moment I can have a diet coke and be soothed instantly.

Frankly, this cycle has to stop. That is why Kombucha seems to be the natural replacement for many of these desires(NEEDS). If I can find a beverage that reduces inflammation, provides more natural caffeine, pleases my sensory pleasure dome, and is not too sweet I might have a chance of sawing off the ball and chain of some seriously tasty chemicals with caramel flavoring trademarked under Diet Coke.

The best part about Kombucha is that I can make it as I need it. When on a boat I will not have room to store dozens of cans of Diet Coke. I may find myself in places that *gasp* do not have Diet Coke. I can make Kombucha anywhere. I have an infinite number of flavor offerings to keep it interesting. Moderation is still key. Do not forget sugar is a main ingredient. But most of these other needs can be fulfilled. My goal is to be Diet Coke Free by the end of 2016. Arrgh!!!!!

Addendum: Hubby just read this as I was washing dishes. He CHORTLED at me saying I could quit by the end of 2016. The struggle is real.