Kombucha. The word conjures up images and stereotypes. Clearly this is for hippies and hipsters. A promise of inner peace from an Eastern Tradition at the bottom of every bottle. The LA self-image addict also come to mind. Any promise of a trimmer abdomen and that train has been hopped.


So where do we, the adult caretakers of Timothy & Tabitha fit in? We are middle aged, out of shape, ordinary people. Why has it gripped us? I will tell you why. We are an ordinary couple. We have an ordinary to some, but extraordinary to us dream.

We met 6 years ago. We came from different places and had vastly different life experiences. Somehow we managed to be at the same place at the same time and recognized that we might just be good for each other. That is polite speak for “fell madly in love, had no idea we could love like this, and why did it take so long”?

As accidentally as we met, we fell upon a new passion. Sailing. We have a dream that we will leave our crazy lives and live on a boat and sail around the world in five years. As dreamers we would be willing to drop everything and start tomorrow. As pragmatics, we recognize that we should probably prepare a handful of things.

Financial is the first major preparation. Planning to retire 10-15 years prior to what we had prepared for is daunting challenge. Part of this preparation is a mindset of simplification. What do we really need? It is pretty liberating to say no to an object by simply saying “will we take it on the boat”? Then we probably don’t need it.

The challenge that is as difficult to admit as our ages is that fact that we are not physically prepared for the demands of living on a sailboat full time. We are getting older. We have aches and pains. We have digestive issues. We have extra weight. We have bad habits. I take four pills every day. Two of them are related to inflammation. If we are going to live on a boat, we need to be comfortable being a very long distance from medical care. What can we do now to eliminate or improve on our physical selves? What is the simplification process for our bodies? What is it that we can say “We don’t need” to and get out of our diets and what to we replace some of those bad habits with?

The potential health benefits of kombucha are astounding. It includes benefits from joint health to digestive health. I found this article to be brief and informative.

7 Reasons to Drink Kombucha Every Day